Taste the People from a Distance

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‘Taste The People From A Distance’

A solo exhibition by Sara Hurley

Public View: Thursday 4th October 2018 7-9.30pm

Show Dates: 04-10-2018 – 09-10-2018


A-side B-side Gallery is proud to present,‘Taste The People From A Distance’ by Sara Hurley.

As a new mother Hurley found herself bound by the limits of time and space. As a result of this limitation, she started using her phone as a sketchbook and drawing every chance she had.

Hurley found herself observing people and their interaction with the exhibits and they became her subject matter. Energetic and vibrant digital drawings are created from the observed spectator, where the relationship between the two is formed. She then uses screen-printing and painting to translate the digital drawings into two-dimensional pieces.

I like to prowl 

Ordinary places 

And taste the 

People —

From a distance.

I don’t want them 

Too near 

Because that’s 

When attrition 


Charles Bukowski


Sara Hurley, born in Iran, lives and works in Berkshire, England. She studied Bachelor of Painting at Tehran University and Master of Art & Space at Kingston University London. She has been working with drawing, painting and installations.