Marco Giordano | Conjunctive Tissue

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Private view: Tuesday 9th January 2018, 6:30-8:30pm

10th January - 13th February 2018 (by appointment only)

Conjunctive Tissue is a collaborative project questioning the relationship between ownership and authorship.

The touring exhibition featuring a new body of work by artist Marco Giordano originates from his recent residency at the Centre for Contemporary Arts in Glasgow. The project operated as a questioning of collaboration, ownership and authorship in the form of an open invitation for visitors to co-develop the artwork using the words for, and, nor, or, yet, so. Giordano suggested these words as links that form conjunctions, that produce complex sentences. He then reproduced the designs in stitch on large-scale banners, a skill the artist learnt throughout this process, positing him as the "amateur of his own work." The blurring of public and artist, owner and author, and amateur and professional results in Conjunctive Tissue. 

Whilst utilising traditional gallery installation, Giordano's research simultaneously destabilises the traditional role of the artist and the gallery space by injecting visitor’s perspectives into the production, which occurs in public space. The outcome remains the physical art object, but the collaborative processes behind the work provide new intersectional and performative angles from which to approach it. 

As the banners hang, draped on washing lines, in what was previously a living room, the installation method itself acts as a further layer of conjunctive tissue.