It's a new world! / E um mundo novo!

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'Lets imagine that one day, when listening to the news or reading the newspaper or even just surfing the Internet, the information that a new world was found is everywhere. Lets imagine that we have technology that allows us to get there. What can we send that will represent us as a whole? That symbolizes our world?” CNF

'3,2,1,0 A A and away 1,2 ...' , the centerpiece of the exhibition at the Luz Museum in the new Luz village, shows us a rug where images of war give rise to narratives of hope and/or destruction. Where satellites are used not only for communication and control, but also as tools of transnationalism. The 30 square meter carpet, conceived in approach between the aesthetics of the "war rugs” of Afghanistan and the traditional Arraiolos technique, shows a bellicose imagery simultaneously of hope and abundance, illustrating the moment when a rocket is being launched into space carrying products that represent a one and whole humanity.

This rug is shown in this building emerging from the ground like a stone block. In a village that was moved as a planned migratory social experiment; In a room overlooking the site of the now submerged old village. This rug builds a rapprochement between the aesthetics of the "war rugs" of Afghanistan, enablers of reportage and sustenance, and the Arraiolos' ancestral rug technique, also linked to the livelihood of its own region. It speaks of common pasts. It seeks to connects two polarized cultures through a common tradition that's inane to both populations.

Noronha Feio also exposes another carpet evocative of the same themes but with most geometrized figuration and formally related to the pattern of motifs of traditional Arraiolos rugs.