The Interlude

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 An exhibition by labet


22nd - 27th of August



Thurs 22nd, 19.00 - 22.00



Sat 24th, 19.00 - 22.00





  1. an intervening period of time; an interval.
  2. a piece of music played between other pieces or between the verses of a hymn.
  3. a temporary amusement or diversion that contrasts with what goes before or after.

A linear exploration of cultural identity, labet is pleased to announce her sophomore solo exhibition, The_iNTERLUDE.. Following the success of her 2017 debut HiGHLiFE SOLDiERs, the east London artist returns to Aside Bside Gallery to unveil a colourful series of work. With a focus on growth and meditation, each piece derives from the moments of reflection that occur when the songs of life pause.

The new collection sees Labet continue to pay homage to her Nigerian heritage with nostalgic themes including adolescence, home and leisure. Through the use of figurative expressions, The_iNTERLUDE. conveys ideas that draw on the necessity of patience while managing ambition, expectations and navigating the ups and downs in the journey of life.



Hugely inspired by movements such as Fauvism and Expressionism, Lola Betiku - better known by the moniker labet - is a self-taught visual artist born and based in East London.

labet draws influence from her rich Nigerian heritage and explores themes within feminine identity and cultural pride. The leading medium for her deeply expressive work is acrylic on canvas with a particular focus on vibrant colours, bold patterns and multiple textures.

An 11-piece collection titled HiGHLiFE SOLDiERs marked labet’s debut solo exhibition in November 2017. Roused by the African music genre highlife, the showcase presented a retrospective view of the atmosphere, fashion and emotions birthed from Africa’s golden era of music which kicked off in the 70s and transformed the nation.

A proud chapter in her journey as an artist, the body of work received admiration from all who visited Aside Bside Gallery during the five day exhibition that brought reflections of rhythmic narratives to life. Passionate about current affairs, fashion, literature, music and travel, labet uses each avenue as a stimulus to create positive cultural representations with her paintings and illustrations.