The Harry Pye Awards

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The exhibition at A-side B-side Gallery is open to the public every day from Thursday 30th August until Tuesday 4th of September 12pm till 5pm. There will be an additional eveningevent on Friday 31st August 2018 7pm to 10pm which will feature an awards ceremony.

Harry Pye says: "Over the last 18 years I have co-curated more than a dozen group shows and I've worked with over 200 artists. I've organised events at Tate Britain such as The TateStaff Turner Prize (2007) and my own work has appeared in two exhibitions at Tate Modern; No Soul For Sale (2010) and Inside Job (2018). Curiously, despite my many years service to the Arts, my trophy cabinet remains empty. Gandhi once said, "Be the change you want to be in the world" and I agree with him. Last month I decided that there was nothing to stop me having my own awards ceremony and that I was free to hand out awards to my art heroes and talented chums to give them the respect and acclaim that I have been denied. Everyone who comes to the Awards Ceremony at the A-side B-side Gallery On the 31st of August will feel like a winner as they'll get to see the amazing Singer-Songwriter Sukie Smith perform live (at 8pm) They will also see work by all 13 of the nominees up forTheHarry Pye Prize for Painting which this year is sponsored by Joffe Books The evening will feature special guests, a raffle and a few surprises .The winner of the painting prize will be announced when a name is picked from a hat at 8.55pm