Supriya's Art World  holds international group art exhibitions showcasing paintings, sculptures, installations and illustrations in such mediums as oils, acrylics, wood and mixed media. The curator of these exciting events is Dr Supriya Fulare-Dudhal who holds a double doctorate in fine arts as well as being a renowned artist and a Lima Book record holder and an India Book record holder.

Following on from the success of 'Art Elements 1' which took place in August 2018, this latest event 'Art Elements 2' provides a platform for all artists irrespective of culture, location, experience and creativity with an aim to create and share work. The call-in for entries has been taking place over the last 6 months whereby artists were asked to submit 8 art works and a statement. A selection panel then chose the 15 artists, namely:

 International artists Hermokes Amon , Michael  Chong, Jagdeesh Gajula, Ankita Nawghare, Biman Nag, Khalifa Palash, Nitu Bala.

London Artists Dr. Supriya Fulare-Dudhal, Ashima Kumar, Shalini Jain, Shinjini Thakur, Dr. Nitam Narkhede, Renuka Rathod, Priyanka Jog and Aarti Karekar.

There have also been poster painting competitions for children and adults held in Hounslow Ilford and Islington and the winners of these will be rewarded at the exhibition.


The exhibition is taking place  at the M.P. Birla Art Gallery at the Bhavan Centre in West Kensington, 'The Home of Indian Arts', from 13th-15th July. The exhibition is open on all 3 days from 11am -6pm

Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan
4a Castletown road, M.P Birla Millenium Art gallery ( Entrance on Challoner street)
West Kensington,


W14 9HE, 

Nearest underground Tube: West Kensington (2 mins walk)
Barons court station (7 mins walk)

Supriya’s Art world
Mobile: +44 7884611031
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Running along side this will be workshops for children and adults on 14th and 15th July See details here

Join us to explore your own creative side and enlighten yourself. Create memories with Supriya’s Art world
Sunday, 14th July 2019
Family Fun Art Activity (Adults & Kids)
Time: 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM
Participation fees: £20 - 1 family (2 Adults + One/two kids)

Abstract painting
Time: 1:45 PM to 3:00 PM
Participation fees: £10 for Kids and £15 for Adults

Knife painting
Time: 3:30 PM to 4:45 PM
Participation fees: £10 for Kids and £15 for Adults
Monday, 15th July 2019

Madhubani painting
Time: 11:00 to 12:15 PM
Participation fees: £10 for Kids and £15 for Adults

Mandala painting
Time: 12:45 PM to 2:00 PM
Participation fees: £10 for Kids and £15 for Adults

Meditation Mandala painting
Time: 3:30 to 4.45 PM
Participation fees: £10 for Kids and £15 for Adults

Landscape painting
Time: 4:15 to 5:30 PM
Participation fees: £10 for Kids and £15 for Adults

Note: Participation fees includes all required colouring material

For Pre booking please contact
Supriya’s Art world
Mobile: +44 7884611031
Email:[email protected]

Artists' Biographies


Ankita’s art is something that has helped her through rough patches in her life with a smile and at the same time always bringing out something more creative and beautiful. She has always been an art lover and has carried it with her ensuring that she keeps on learning and pushing her limits further. In pursuit of such advancements she has showcased her work in some national and international exhibitions.


Michael spends a lot of time studying the masters’ works. He has a huge picture library at thom.He also reads much about their philosophy. Those masters are Chinese great painters and also impressionist painters of the west.He has copied their styles of painting for years and when he has mastered their skills he moves on to other masters to further enhance his creativity. He also takes pictures of nature like the sea and flower gardens and studies them. He paints to express himself in realism and semi-abstract. He paints Chinese art and watercolour.


Shinjini was born in Kolkata India.Her interest in drawing and painting begaan early in childhood. She studied art at the local art school and won several state and natural level art competitions at an early age. Her work currently focuses on the various forms of Indian folk art specifically Madhubani, Kalamkari and Gond.


Dr. Supriya Fulare-Dudhal's  work is unique with distinct colours . She has been working in this field for more than eighteen years and  completed her Master’s Degree from Fine Arts dept, Nagpur University. She has also been honoured Double doctorate in September 2017. Supriya says,

‘’ Art for me is the key to the secret garden, my way down to the imaginary world. Art has always been my first love and passion. It is a process of transforming views and thoughts on the canvas that has given me the ultimate results. Life is a diverse vibrant shade of colours and impression of our actions and reactions.


“Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” is not a new adage but it is so true. Dr Nitam’s mother probably noticed this as a creative flair in her and hence has always encouraged her towards art from an early age. She has always dabbled in paintings as far back as she can remember- in school, in college and in her dentistry training. Not only has she maintained her interest in the expression of art on canvas but in her profession too having trained in the specialised area of “smile designing”, invisalis, facial aesthetics and interior design as an individual hobby


Nitu likes painting as a medium to convey her opinion, feelings and views to others. Although she has had a passion for art since childhood,, she won a prize in a competition aged 5 in First Standard, she decided to work as a freelance artist when she got a gold medal in post graduation and has won any prizes in school and college. She likes oil and coloured pencil the most. She has also created some innovative paintings in ink and mica which are mostly abstracts.


Shalini has completed her masters in fine arts. As a child she was fascinated by the use of colours in Indian art and architecture Indian scultpures and beautiful Indian art and architecture. Through her paintings you can experience the ancient and modern culture of India. She has developed her own style in fine cone work in the paintings. She also loves candle decoration in her spare time.


Aarti Mandar Karekar is a Bachelor of arts in Sanskrit and a Master of arts in Marathi language and professionally a 'goldsmith '. Joining her father Mr Ramchandra Nachankar,a well known goldsmith back in India in the field of jewellery making at the age of 14, she is proud to continue in this field for almost 19 years and counting. She believes her genes and her passion towards her profession brought out the artist in her and she started broadening her horizon by exploring the field of painting, Mehendi and Rangoli. Her speciality is intricate designing and that naturally attracted her to the free hand paintings and drawing Mandalas. 


Ashima has been working at the cutting edge of Graphic design and Visual Art after completing a BFA from College of Art Delhi,, India. Her creative works are the exploration of the world around her. Inspired by Kalamkari art and Zentangle she has developed her own style of contemporary art using pen, ink and technology to realise digital artworks. Her work is often considered a fine example of what possibilities happen when you pair clean strong forms with a powerful message. She believes ‘ Art can penetrate the very deepest parts of us where no words exist’


Fascinated by Greek Myths, Hernokes believes that art is a roar for the oppressed. Currently teaching freelance, sometimes in primary schools and art studios, she has acquired a certificate in Childhood's Visual Art Education issued by the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Group and Hong Kong Visual Arts Education Authority. She was trained in Art since early childhood by Eric Ng the local contemporary artist and Stuart Hamby the oil painter from Musee Louvre. She was chosen to participate in an International Children's Painting Contest aged 11 and later exhibited in several joint exhibitions.


Jagdeesh Gajula thinks we live on the most beautiful planet which is colourful and lively. Nature is our best friend which provides us with all the resources to live here. It gives up water to drink air to breathe, food to eat land to stay and resources for our betterment. We live in this nature along with animals plants and other living creatures without which we would not sustain. We should fully enjoy nature without disturbing its ecological balance.


Biman Nag is a sculptor using medical foil wastage. He is a renowned artist and the only one in the world using this material. When Mr Biman saw the amount of medical waste he decided to turn it into decorative pieces and sculptures and also used it for decorating houses showrooms and offices.


Khalifa Palash is of Bangladeshi origin and the only micro miniature artist in the world who specialises in beautiful miniature paintings on single rice grain. When he saw another artist writing his name on rice grain he came up with the idea of coloured miniature paintings on this medium. These can be used as an antique collection as well as for decorating houses and offices.


Renuka is a passionate artist who has expertise in working with texture on canvas with abstract themes.. She also likes painting florals, nature and figurative works and she has been conducting workshops for children and adults for the last 12 years.


Priyanka Jog is a graphic designer and animator and has successfully worked for reputed animation and design studios in India. Alongside her profession she has continued honing her art skills. She enjoys working in a variety of mediums and exploring styles to find her niche