Frequently Asked Questions

The Gallery Guide

How much does it cost to use The Gallery Guide?

Absolutely nothing! The site is free to use, and free to join. Our technical costs are funded by the advertising revenue that we receive, and our writers are volunteers.

Does the site only cover London galleries?

We hope that users of the site will add details for galleries outside London, but we are a very small team, so we have only contacted London galleries to include their details.


How do I add my gallery to the listings?

Any registered user of the site can add gallery or exhibition listings. Just create an account, then log in and go to add a gallery. After filling in the form, your gallery will be created. Our team will publish the listing, once we have reviewed it to make sure that it does not contain any inappropriate content.

How do I add my exhibition listings to the site?

If you're a registered user, just go to Add an exhibition. You can add exhibitions at published galleries.

If you have a lot of listings to add, it will be quicker to send us a spreadsheet with all the details, so we can import multiple exhibitions at once. You can download a template here

How do I add an artist?

When you edit a gallery or an exhibition, you can list the artists whose work is shown. After saving, you can edit the biography of the artist.

My Account

I've forgotten my password - what should I do?

On the login form, there's a Reset Password link, which will take you to a form where you can request a password reset. If you no longer have access to the email address you used, you can create a new account.


How do I advertise on The Gallery Guide?

Please contact us to discuss the options. We can offer a range of adverts to suit your needs.


How does The Gallery Guide work?

The site is built using Drupal, the open source content management framework, and a lot of contributed and custom modules. If you're interested in knowing more, please contact the site administrator.