Working Drawings

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London Gallery West is delighted to be hosting the highly successful Working Drawings exhibition, bringing together a variety of acclaimed image makers and visual communicators to reveal drawing practice as integral to the creative process; as a means for exploring and articulating thoughts, ideas and concepts.

The exhibition celebrates how drawing can be used in a number of ways and settings – and showcases rarely seen glimpses into the working methodology of an international roster of designers, illustrators and typographers. From tentative ideas development on the back of a London bus ticket, to rough designs, layouts and graphics: the work is initial, immediate and presented as an honest and creative visual response to a design problem.

“Drawing is the best way of understanding what you are looking at. In most cases, I have discovered that it is impossible to see anything until you have made a deliberate attempt to draw it.” Milton Glaser

“Drawing is reflecting on paper.” Saul Steinberg

“As a graphic designer who mostly works with text, it is rare that I ‘draw’ within my working practice… though I do often map my thinking process visually.” Catherine Dixon

“Drawing a picture gets to the heart of what the job is and could become.” Jill Calder


9am – 5pm daily

Thursday 22 March, 5 – 8pm

Tuesday 03 April, 1 – 2pm
Naomi Games, daughter of internationally renowned designer Abram Games, discusses his preliminary sketches in the exhibition – offering a personal account of her father at work and an insight into how he progressed initial ideas to final works. Free admission, open to all.