Winnowing in the Wind

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Alice Dudgeon studied sculpture at Edinburgh College of Art, graduating with a 1st class BA Hons in 2018 and was subsequently awarded the FEUVA prize and featured in the 2019 Royal Scottish Academy’s New Contemporaries exhibition. She has been working closely with furniture makers and the last remaining wheelwright in Scotland and is the current recipient of the Graduate Studio Award from Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop.


Upright Gallery presents Alice Dudgeon’s first solo exhibition which gathers together new and existing works made over the last three and a half years. Winnowing in the Wind references a dynamic, time-consuming process of refinement by which grain is tossed up in the air, separating grain from husk. The process of winnowing has informed Dudgeon’s commitment to physically demanding and reductive techniques.


Her work is characterised by restrained, intricate wooden structures. She is fascinated by the tools and processes adopted in agricultural practices and the elemental experience of working directly with the land.


In response, she works each element meticulously and selects labour-intensive, repetitive processes such as steam bending and hand-carving, celebrating the irregularity of the natural material whilst evidencing the hand. The resulting sculptural vessels are a multitude of parts held in a rhythmic whole, punctuated by visual motifs, light and substance held in tension.


Her intention is to draw the eye and mind to look again at the familiar yet, so often unremarked brilliance of the natural landscape that surrounds us and to encourage contemplation.


Alice has also been nominated by sculptor David Nash to exhibit in ‘Artful Craft’ at MAKE Southwest, Devon. Curated by Peter Randall-Page her sculptures will be exhibited alongside twelve other artists and makers who cross boundaries by blending fine art concepts with elements of traditional craft processes. The show runs 2nd April - 2nd July.



Saturday 12 March 11am - 4.30pm
If you would like to come and meet Alice and share a glass of something please book via the gallery website.

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