Where do we go from here? - Kathryn Ross Solo Exhibition

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Child's Play by Kathryn Ross

‘Where do we go from here?’ is a solo exhibition by the sculptor Kathryn Ross. It features a new body of work by the artist, exploring both how we collectively treat the natural environment and how we identify ourselves.

Kathyrn creates narrative-based sculptures that depict objects and architecture. She works with a wide range of processes including casting, sewing, and construction, using materials such as concrete, clay, and objects that have been found and made herself. 

The overarching theme for the exhibition is the human condition, which she aims to comment on it in a personal, political, and social context. 

In this selection of works, she explores the imagery of children’s toys as a parallel to our adult world. She uses the motif of the doll’s house to explore the concepts of the ‘perfect’ and ‘ideal’ house. She also uses this imagery to comment on the most fundamental human need for a home and shelter. Here, it becomes an analogy for how we treat our world and each other.

The exhibition also features a collaborative piece made with local schools for her ‘Little House Project’. She will be continuing this project in the gallery space. To participate, click on the following link: https://onepavedcourt.co.uk/the-little-house-project/

Kathryn Ross studied Sculpture at Kingston University and at The Royal Academy of Art. She lives and works in South West London and Menorca.

The show will also be accompanied by two free workshops (on Saturday 21st & Saturday 4th June, 2 - 4 pm) and an artist talk (on Saturday 28th May, 2 pm). The events are free and all are welcome.