Tantric Drawing

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Panel discussion including Thinking Tantra artists Shezad Dawood, Nicola Durvasula and Claudia Wieser with Amrita Jhaveri. Thinking Tantra is curated by Rebecca Heald with Amrita Jhaveri and a first iteration of the exhibition took place at Jhaveri Contemporary in Mumbai in early 2017. Thinking Tantra has evolved through conversations with artists. The curator, Rebecca Heald, has selected artists who respond to Tantra drawings for different reasons: in response to their formal particularities; in more conceptual ways; or for their intellectual and cultural histories, the issues of ownership, and the place they hold in esoteric circles. As Heald says: 'This multiplicity of relationships that people have with the drawings is compelling and provided a way to make sense of a diversity of material in terms of devising an exhibition'.