Sweet Harmony Lates (Warm Up - Live dj set)

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As part of Saatchi Gallery's LATES series for Sweet Harmony : Rave | Today, visitors are invited to enjoy after-hours special access to the exhibition which includes a choice of partying in our Vinyl Record Shop and Rave Room where Warm Up DJs (Aidan Doherty, Jorge Martins and Gus Emmett) will be performing live DJ sets.

We are stoked to announce that Warm Up have been invited by the Saatchi Gallery to bring their soul-stirring techno soundscapes into the exhibition environment where they will activate Sweet Harmony - Rave Today’s Rave Room. The event will also be streamed live in partnership with Pioneer.

Over the last six years Warm Up have grown what began as a grass-roots platform to share and enjoy the music they love into a full-blown movement of freedom, celebration, community and love, founded on the delivery of exceptional and emotional musical experiences, with founder and resident DJ Aidan Doherty at the helm.

Leading the way in bringing emotive electronic music to the London scene in 2013 Warm Up have gone on to deliver a wide range of dance floor experiences from clubs to warehouses, forests to boats, and one thing they do pride themselves on is keeping London’s underground rave scene alive with regular in-the-know parties.

Join us for this very special occasion as they raise the roof of the Saatchi Gallery on Thursday 15th August from 6.30pm - 9pm to celebrate together the music, the unity and the pure un-adulterated joy of rave.

For more information, please visit: https://www.saatchigallery.com/art/sweet_harmony_lates.php