Sweet Harmony Lates (Sp23 X RCK - DJ live set)

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£ 15.00

As part of Saatchi Gallery's LATES series for Sweet Harmony : Rave | Today, attendees are invited to enjoy exclusive after-hours access to the exhibition which includes a choice of partying in our Vinyl Record Shop and Rave Room where DJ Chris Liberator, BadGirlz (SP23/Spiral Tribe), Steve Bedlam, Jam Scones and Huggy play a fireband mix of Acid, Hard Techno and Rave. 

Bringing free flow beats and rolling rhythms are BadGirlz from SP23 Sound System; a creative collective of musicians that instigated the mighty Spiral Tribe Sound System as well as the underground recording studio and vinyl distribution organisation Network23.

Their reputation for the best and boldest underground raves (on beaches, up mountains or deep within the derelict industrial sprawl) preceded them. On an unstoppable roll across Britain and Europe, their convoy of sound system trucks rapidly became known as the source of a deep and inspiring fugitive groove.

From the UK Underground party to the Refugee Community Kitchen (RCK) in Calais, come and meet the people who once served up all night free parties in squats and fields and who now serve up nutritious food to vulnerable and displaced individuals in need, in the UK and abroad.

Head there early to hear how the UK Underground Party movement gave them the skills they now serve those in desperate need of sustenance and love - while also providing a moment in the day where people can gather and connect. 

Proceeds from tickets sold will go to Refugee Community Kitchen. 
For more information on RCK follow the link http://www.refugeecommunitykitchen.com/

-- Capacity in the the Rave Room is limited, book your tickets in advance to avoid any disappointment --