Svein Flygari Johansen: Am I making up what really happened?

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Svein Flygari Johansen is a creature of the forest and fjord, spending the summer months high up inside the Arctic Circle, and is otherwise based in Oslo as a significant figure in the contemporary art community. Identification with nature is at the core of Flygari's work, where imagery from the organic world connects with high technology. The work links themes of indigenous Sami culture, capitalist meltdown, patriotism and global politics, with materials ranging from sticks and stones to complex computer programming. Code for all Flygari's digital works is written by Jonny Bradley with whom he has collaborated since 2001. Several earlier pieces that focus on disjunctions between ancient and contemporary cultural identities are recreated for the exhibition, to complement a major new commission. As part of his Beaconsfield project, Johansen has invited Frode Halvorsen and Jorid Lekve Eide to make work for Beaconsfield's FlatScreens. This is the third in the Beaconsfield series Phase, which turns the spotlight on mid-career artists with whom the organisation has a significant relationship. Beaconsfield first worked with Svein Flygari Johansen in 1999, co-curating British Links for Oslo's Nasjonalmuseet for Kunst and Henie Onstad Kunstsenter.