Summer Solstice Screens

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LONDON – HENI Gallery is pleased to present a new exhibition by acclaimed British artist Brian Clarke.



Solstice Screens’ is provoked by the artist’s travels around the world. Clarke has created each screen to reveal a resonating characteristic of a different place, each is a uniquely contemporary expression of 'genius loci' taking the subject matter and medium to an entirely new experience.


Using the stained glass techniques Clarke has honed over the past 40 years, the artist reveals a world of energetic vivacity. Each composition traverses the twelve individual panels that form every screen and reveal the kinetic nature of the medium. Movement, seen through the transparent membrane, movement of transilluminated colour and light reflected from the animate character of the material itself all contribute to a beguiling and vivid poetic experience.


The exhibition is due to open with a Private View on the Summer Solstice, June 21st, to maximise of the amount of daylight hours, and will open to the public on June 22nd until 23rd July 2017.


“After nearly four decades of intense production in painting, sculpture, and stained glass, Clarke is not an easy artist to absorb, let alone to classify. If there were an artist capable of synthesizing space, time, and light, ranging from his intimate “drawings in the air” on black sugar paper to his rigorous in-depth architectonic achievements, he could be none other than Brian Clarke.” Robert C. Morgan, Between Extremities catalogue, Pace Gallery NY, 2013.