Stitched – Cut – Painted

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A group show by Annamarie Dzendrowskyj, Buffy Kimm, and Rachel Pearcey featuring contemporary drawing, sculpture and painting.

Curated by Hanna Ten Doornkaat, Whitenoise Projects Curator

The works chosen for this exhibition are concerned with haptic and embodied forms of engagement. They are a reaction to the artists’ physical surroundings in general, but also consider visual and tactile experiences to offer an insight into each working process and unique interpretation. Dichotomies of flatness and depth, intimacy and distance are explored and how these might begin to merge into one another.

Rachel Pearcey’s work blurs the distinction between pen on paper and thread on fabric, creating a binary simplicity by meticulously hand stitching each work. Her use of stitching as a medium is deceptive as it is not a craft, as commonly considered, but a means of mark making.

Buffy Kimm works primarily in the medium of paper, both cut and torn. She plays with light, shadow and layers to create depth in her pieces. Often inspired by her own photography, the artist uses these images as a basis for abstract paper sculptures.

Annamarie Dzendrowskyj examines the indeterminate nature of ‘ways of seeing’ and ‘being’. She realises ambiguity in her work by exploring the uncanny in fleeting moments of a world in constant flux. She sees these moments as suggesting, rather than defining a space, one that inspires her work and which exists between what is seen and unseen; a zone of indiscernibility.

Artists’ talk: Saturday 15 September at 2 – 3 pm