Stéphane Graff | Mille-Feuilles & Sugar Bytes

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Stéphane Graff, Finishing Line, 2018, oil on Walnut, 52.4 x 74.7 cm | 20 5/8 x 29 3/8 in

Mucciaccia Gallery is pleased to present Stéphane Graff | Mille-Feuilles & Sugar Bytes, an exhibition of works on wood, each composed of numerous strips of wood, combining the disciplines of painting and sculpture. The Franco-British artist developed the Mille-Feuille technique of painting onto horizontal wooden strips that can slide and be repositioned in a kind of glitch style. Influenced by the psychoanalytical traditions of Freud and Jung, and scientific methods, Graff, regularly addresses themes of identity, concealment, memory and the sacred.