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An exhibition of undefined and repurposed objects telling stories by unreliable narrators. 

As part of their exhibition of paintings and sculptures, Louise Severyn-Kosinska and Monica Wheeler will be working in the gallery, remaking a selection of found objects and items brought in by gallery visitors. Repurposing, giving new life, voices and meaning to the everyday and the overlooked, the artists will be repairing and re-imagining a selection of used and donated items, ranging from the domestic to the unfamiliar, the unwanted, broken or damaged. Repaired with thought and care, with unexpected juxtapositions of materials , some will merit a short story to detail and label their journey. The work will continue to be made in the gallery, and will develop over the weeks . Collaborating on the objects, they will be bringing a sense of the absurd through visual and literal language to culminate in an eclectic collection.

Look out for “Wanted ”posters in the local area , where the public  will be invited to bring an object or choose an item from a selection box, and have a (socially distanced if appropriate) tête à tête about the piece.

The exhibition also includes a free workshop: Liminal Postcards. Sat 20 Nov 2 – 3pm. All welcome. Check website for details