SHOT! The Untold Truth of Society Girls

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Lahd Gallery presents Shurooq Amin: SHOT! The Untold Truth of Society Girls, a recent collection of paintings by Kuwaiti artist Shurooq Amin, underlining the fabric of modern Arabian Gulf society. Unperturbed by the inherent societal restrictions, she goes on to strip the façade and reveal the hidden lives of society girls in Kuwait.
The paintings depict the girls in an embellished state, revealing themselves, while always denominated by the polarity of the East and West. The subtle nuances are further exploited to uncover an untold truth kept away from the outside world. Each of the paintings will finally be shot with a small Hornet bullet, from an M16 sniper gun, providing an allegory of society’s murder of a woman’s sensuality and passion. The Bullet Series captures the spirit of a culture that has been characterised by candour and misconceptions, not least the heart of the artist who expresses it.
Unrelenting and inevitably controversial, Shurooq Amin: SHOT! The Untold Truth of Society Girls explores the darker depths of society’s suppression and the fragility of human nature, in a critical analysis of a group of women who choose to live their lives on their own terms. This exhibition is certain to open a long overdue dialogue on the patriarchal nature of Middle Eastern society.
ShurooqAminis one of Kuwait’s most eminent contemporary artists. She is also an Anglophone poet, a certified interior designer and a professor at Kuwait University.