Russian Cosmism: Modern & Contemporary Art

Showcasing some 40-50 works by modern and contemporary Russian artists, Moscow curator and gallery owner Maxim Boxer launches the first in a projected series of London exhibitions and auctions of Russian art, curated by theme. Opening to coincide with Russian Art Week during the UK-Russia Year of Culture, Maxim Boxer's first exhibition explores Russian Cosmism, a philosophical and aesthetic movement rooted in a cross-disciplinary and cosmic worldview which emerged in Russia in the early twentieth century. Comprising a mix of paintings, photographs, sculptures and works on paper, the show will juxtapose the works of acknowledged masters of early 20th century Cosmism with works by successful contemporary artists similarly influenced by ideas of cosmic hope, conserving an ideal of universal spiritual affinity, intergenerational continuity and ethical responsibility. Entailing a broad theory of natural philosophy, Cosmism combined theories from world religions and ethics with a history and philosophy of the origin, evolution and future existence of the cosmos and of mankind. It not only pre-empted various scientific theories but also forged the worldviews of a number of important Russian philosophers, poets and painters. The public auction will see lots priced between £500-£10,000: affordability is key to the concept. MAXIM BOXER co-founded Alfa-Art in 1991, the first auction house in Russia focusing on Russian modern and contemporary art is curator/owner of Ravenscourt Galleries, Moscow. Media contacts: [email protected], One Culture Communications tel: 07828 130 664 [email protected] tel: 07977 226187 Exhibition & auction: [email protected] 07828 130 664