Rupert Newman - Tripping the Light Fantastic

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Following an acclaimed show at the Hospital Club, Rupert Newman’s third solo appearance is proudly being held at the Cock ‘n’ Bull Gallery.

Curated by Aretha Campbell, Tripping the Light Fantastic will showcase Newman’s aptitude for immersive, site-specific work, most noted through his multi-sensory light installations. These beautiful projections are geometric, kinetic and colourful, constantly tricking the eye. Building upon the strong aesthetic of his prints and gouache paintings, technology has allowed Newman to add a completely new layer to the mix – light. With innovative projection mapping techniques, the structure and dynamism in his pieces has been transformed, taking viewers on an abstract journey into a thought provoking visual territory.

Transforming space into sensation, Tripping the Light Fantastic, aims to fully engage people in the moment, with captivating light effects and specially commissioned sound design by composer Sarah Warne. Newman’s installations boldly define the digital possibilities and wonders of contemporary art, an anticipated first for the Cock ‘n’ Bull Gallery.