Rose's Final Exhibition A retrospective in memory of the artist, ROSE, 1929 – 2017

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‘Someone once said to me – “creativity is the space in between”. That is, when our minds appear to be idling, or resting from everyday things, that is when they are at their most creative. And so it is with me.’ - Rose

This exhibition focuses on Rose’s oil paintings, ‘Abstract art and surrealism are the main driving forces behind my paintings in oil’. Classically trained at Maidstone College of Art her work is about colour, texture & pattern, influenced by the shapes we are surrounded by in nature. ‘Colour enhances patterns and texture enhances structure’. Her choice of medium and technique may be conventional but less so is her use of tissue wipes and combs to achieve the desired effect within it, ‘To me anything is permissible; I never forget my classical training, but rules are made to be broken to obtain the exact effect that I am looking for.’

Hovering somewhere between dreams and reality these paintings show a creative mind at it’s most expressive.

Rose – The Artists
Born in Sherborne, Dorset in 1929, she studied Art at Maidstone College of Art and in 1973 gained a Diploma in the History of Art from London University. After a short time teaching art in London Rose focused on art as her profession and has exhibited her work in the UK and the USA. Her work can be found in public and private collections in the UK, France, Japan, The Caribbean, the Netherlands and the USA.

In 1998 Rose went to Reykjavik in Iceland and taught art at the invitation of Mr Gisli Pall Palsson, representing the European Commission for the Arts in Iceland. An exceptionally successful exhibition followed and an ITV documentary.

This exhibition is in aid of Cancer Research UK