Rodolfo Villaplana and Tamara Kvesitadze - Group Exhibition represented by GalerieKornfeld

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Private View: 12 October 2016 | 18:30 – 21:00 | RSVP [email protected]

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Monday – Saturday 11:00 – 18:00



Rodolfo Villaplana and Tamara Kvesitadze Group Exhibition represented by GalerieKornfeld 

Curator - Thierry Morel

D Contemporary is very happy to present a group exhibition with Sculpturist Tamara Kvesidadze and Figuartive Artist Rodolfo Villaplana.

Tamara Kvesidadze

Kvesitadze’s artistic practice focuses on the tension between the human and its world, with the body always being at the centre of her exploration. Her way of understanding the body is ambiguous and always in flux. Seeing it as a constantly moving and transformative entity, her sculptures – often kinetic – are dynamic with a deliberately unfinished quality to them. Bordering on the grotesque, they reference classical sculptures and allude to playful games between the subconscious and conscious worlds. 

Rodolfo Villaplana

Rodolfo is a figurative portrait artist with a passionate following that began in the UK and has spread across several capital cities in Europe. Rodolfo’s success continues at an increasingly impressive pace. Having been endorsed by the Young Masters 2013 panel. In 2014 he showed his work at the London Art Fair and PINTA international Art Fair in London. 

ref  - MoMa Tbilisi Press Release

 "My compromise, as a painter, is trying to achieve new relationships between the figure and the background through a figurative way of imagine reality: the souvenir of an object observed by the first time years ago and transfigured by memory, history, by the idea of its future, in a meta-psychological context may finally be partially incarnated, through its metamorphosis, into a image that can suggest that very same object in a different way. Art is that metamorphosis operated by us." 


The GalerieKornfeld was founded in 2011 by Alfred Kornfeld and his fellow partners Anne Langmann and Mamuka Bliadze. The trio, who started over ten years ago with international exhibitions in various places, now continues their program in fixed premises in West Berlin.

The program of the GalerieKornfeld ranges from the painting of classical modernism to contemporary video and media art. Common to all the artistic positions of Galerie Kornfeld is a primarily personal approach in the tradition of expressive art forms, maintaining a high self-reflexive moment. The individual as well as the subjective experiences of the artists are de-individualized through the conscious and virtuosic use of genuine artistic means and thus lifted to a meta-level.

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