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‘The way we experience the world around us is a direct reflection of the world within us’.  Gabrielle Bernstein.

‘Reflections’ is a group exhibition, curated by the Hornshaw Gallery, London, of works by a dozen artists. There are a number of genres represented ranging from naturalistic portraits, idyllic land and seascapes as well as abstract works. Through this interdisciplinary approach, the exhibition offers an insight into the dynamic and ever-changing art forms in contemporary practice.

pursued, crafted and refined their practices.

Included are a number of distinguished emerging artists, notable examples include:

Andrew Farmer who will be showing a selection of new works, (these will be available on the website soon). Andrew is an acclaimed artist of nature and landscapes.  He has won numerous awards for his oil paintings in particular.

David Ridley is a popular artist of abstracts. His works have sold internationally and are a favourite with collectors.  His works depict seascapes that are imbued with a vivacity and energy. Note the intensity of colours that are spontaneously applied to the canvas.

Victoria Heald is a new artist to the Hornshaw Gallery. Her portraits and drawings are refined and precise. She is also a portrait painter with a considerable reputation.

Another excellent draughtsman is John Egan. This is the third year that he will be exhibiting with the Hornshaw gallery.  His drawings are popular with collectors who appreciate his sensitive approach and attention to detail.

Violet Astor is, also, a new artist to the Hornshaw Gallery. She has won numerous awards for her observations of wildlife. Violet will be exhibiting a selection of limited edition prints.

I would like to conclude by quoting from a recent Hornshaw gallery blog:

‘Art is about challenging ideas, not just the visual. Contemporary Art is dynamic and continuing to challenge accepted ideas and attitudes.’

Sarah Hornshaw