'Puppet' by Pirasteh Gourang

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Puppet is the new photographic exhibition by Pirasteh Gourang, inspired by her battle with essential tremor. The artworks demonstrate the innovative ways she's found to work around limitations that would usually put a stop to the career of a professional photographer. The resulting images are compelling for their first glance serenity and beauty, but slowly reveal the turmoil and isolation of the condition.

Essential tremor is something few people have heard of. Everyone suffers from the odd case of shaky hands when they feel anxious, however for over a million people in the UK alone this is a crippling problem that affects their daily life - even the simplest tasks like signing documents and picking up a cup of tea become arduous chores, and uncontrollable tremors in the rest of the body make going out in public a source of embarrassment.

After decades of struggling with essential tremor Gourang found the invaluable help of the National Tremor Foundation, who are supporting this exhibition. She aims to raise awareness of this largely unknown condition with images that explore the unravelling onset of the tremor, in search of the calm and peace the affliction denies.

The opening night is on Tuesday 6th from 18:00 - 20:30.