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Thursday-Saturday: 11am- 6pm
Sunday: 12pm- 5pm

The Greyfriars province enjoys an eventful history since it's establishment upon the arrival of the Friars in 1230. Its former usages includes a prison, wool factory, school and mechanical institute whilst various political battles, riots and women's right marches have taken place around the buildings small surrounding province.

Mistaken Presence opens with Provenance, a visual archival display that brings together a body of research, archival findings and locally donated material on historical events that have taken place within the Greyfriars province since 1230. 

Provenance marks the beginning of a yearlong project of new artist commissions that look to reflect on the nature of storing, displaying and re-telling of information. Each new commission will respond to the archival material shown during Provenance; thus adding to the existing archival material available on the site and creating a new layer of self-reflective historical relevance to the building.