Private Property

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Siger Gallery  invites you to 'Private Property   '                      
Andy Stewart Jon Baker,  Linda Lieberman,  Zil Hoque, Guillermo Monroy

Vanya Balogh, Chung Hua Catherine Dong ,India Roper Evens ,,Susan Sanroman ,Mikey B Georgeson ,Martin Pickles ,Francesca Lolli ,Rakman Hak-Hagir .Mervyn Syna , Jude Cowan Montague, Mervyn Syna , Cheng Ting,Wilson Tsang. 

Private View : On the Thursday 26 th 6 30 pm to 8.30 pm                          

show on  from 27 of April to 7 th of may 

11 .30 am to 5.30 opening times Monday to Friday 
              ❖Special  Event poetry /performance day Anywear Pieces by Jackie Parsons  followed by Julieta Rubio with her art fashion pieces

Poetry  by
Troy Cabida, Alice Hsieh, Irene del Valle ,Noel Grassy Macken &Ape 
                                      Sunday 6 th May 3.30 pm to 7 .30 pm
                     Nearest station: Marylebone tube. Edgware Road Tube

                    35 -37 Church Street Marylebone NW8 8ES
                       Nearest station;Marylebone tube. Or  Edgware Road
                        [email protected]