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Smallworld Urbanism has been commissioned by The Mosaic Rooms to create a sustainable pop-up permaculture garden highlighting the power of gardening as a positive force for social activism.

In an age when cities are seemingly lost to an endless swathe of development, citizens have used a variety of means of gardening to reclaim urban space in the interests of people and community. Smallworld Urbanism's pop-up 'guerrilla' garden at The Mosaic Rooms employs permaculture principles and aims to engage the local community throughout its development. It includes a layered modular garden, featuring vegetables and fruits, and integrated upcycled seating arrangements made using materials commonly discarded.

There will also be a series of workshops on the principles of sustainable gardening, the importance of the reclamation of space, and to highlight the change that can be brought about by a proactive community.

Smallworld Urbanism is a collective of award winning planners, urban designers, architects and permaculturists. It aims to create a city that works with natural systems, rather than against, and where social reactions and capital can triumph over the gentrification and homogenization of space. Recent projects include a garden and outdoor space and series of workshops in Brixton.


If you are interested in helping us to build, plant, and look after this garden please get in touch! We are looking for expressions of interest from local community groups and individuals to get involved and volunteer from early May! Please email [email protected]

This project is part of the associated programme for The Mosaic Rooms exhibition Garden State by Corinne Silva.

Part of London Festival of Architecture,  Open Garden Squares Weekend and Chelsea Fringe.