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Physical Communication demonstrates novel ways of communicating. We have moved away from physical elements being integral to relay a message. A tactile representation of a message in it’s physical form seems more real than a digital one. Before the digital domination of our output, communication was established by a physical back and forth of material. Experiential ways of communicating can be used to convey precise and exact messages and emotions. Lettering and conventional vehicles that relay information can be avoided and surpassed if the individuals involved are compelled to understand and perceive. Interdisciplinary modes of expression allows for limits to be pushed away or even removed. This means that language, geographical proximity and common ground between the communicators are not integral to interaction. Endless messages and ways to express them can be an abstract process. What the point is, is that if we exist, we can relay endless information to anyone without limitations. The only requirements is the willingness of human interaction. john ciamillo ( charlotte hayes ( emilie stridsberg ( elliott arndt ( aris schwabe (… image 4) private viewing from 18:00-20:00, to request invitation, please email me at [email protected] public from 20:00 to midnight located at Kachette (347 Old Street, EC1V 9LP London, United Kingdom) across the street from the Town Hall