Philip Gerald: how to be a artist

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Philip Gerald, Untitled, 2021, Acrylic on canvas, 150 x 120 cm. Courtesy the artist and PUBLIC Gallery

????? what if i told u that u don’t need to know anything ?? and u don’t even need to be good at art to make money as a artist? ???????u might think something like ‘wait what? ??⚰️??thats impossible u need to be very intelligent ???and erect to be a artist?’ ?????? well not anymore softies ???? bcause in my solo show ‘how to be a artist’ ?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️?⭐️ u will learn 3 things definitely ??????? and maybe more depending on how much effort i put in ????? these things are 1. i will EXPLAIN to u what u should be painting ????? so u don’t have to EXPLAIN to ppl why ur always crying ????? 2. i will BREAKDOWN the myth of successful artist ???‍??‍??‍♂️ so u don’t BREAKDOWN mentally again ???⚰️??3. i will show u HOW easy it is to make money & art ??????so u don’t have to EXPLAIN to ppl why ur always crying ??????? this really is a one of a kind show ???never been done before???? this is the new meta of art ?????? there is no ego here ???⚖️?i will calmly demonstrate with explosive humility ??and satanic grace??? exactly how to successfully sell out a show ???and make loads of money ??? friends ?‍♂️???? and become somewhat of a ‘god on earth’ ?⛪️⛪️???or ‘a second jesus but about art and not magic tricks’ so to speak ?????before u say anything ?? let me say, this is not even in the slightest bit delusional ?? and is, contrary to what the therapists ??‍♀️?who refused to give me their seal of approval said ?‍♂️??‍♀️? a great and realistic idea that definitely doesnt ❌❌ in no way ?‍♀️ perpetuate any unhealthy inflated sense of self i definitely don’t have ?????????? art fans, this is not for my benefit but for the benefit of u ????look, no artist is too bad ???? too dumb ?? or too much of a dead husk ??⚰️??containing a tormented soul ???desperate for the warmth of money ????to be saved by this ground breaking method that will be demonstrated by me ???????✨in my guaranteed to sell out show ???? ‘how to be a artist’ ???✨

‎‎‏‏‎PUBLIC Gallery is pleased to present how to be a artist, the debut UK solo exhibition of Dublin-based artist Philip Gerald. Alongside a series of new paintings, Gerald provides the viewer with a step by step ‘masterclass’ in the form of video and written lessons displayed throughout the exhibition, sharing deep insights and a wealth of information for those looking to emulate his successful career.

Philip Gerald (b. 1992, Dublin, Ireland) lives and works in Dublin. Recent exhibitions include Henri Matisse a Cool Guy, Tuesday to Friday, Valencia, Spain (2020); Strangers in Strangers Lifes, Marquee Projects, Bellport, USA (2020); Art Is Where The Heart Is Vol.5, Galerie Droste, Paris (2019) and Post Digital Pop, The Garage, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (2019).