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An exhibition of fifty works on paper, watercolours and drawings and several oil paintings by the Bulgarian born, Paris based artist, Pascin (1885-1930). 

An incessant draftsman, Pascin captured the essence of daily life in Paris when it was the cultural epicenter in the world in the early twentieth century. Always dressed in black, with a bowler and white scarf, he caught the gestures, attitudes and expressions of his contemporaries amid the noise, the smoke and the multilingual conversations with a line that was quick and forceful and a stroke that was swift but sure.  His scenes convey his humour along with his sadness, sharing with us a rich commentary that depicts the 'Années Folles' - the crazy years - for which Pascin was their 'Prince'.

For press enquiries, please contact Sophie Money and Anna Fargher:

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+44 (20) 7801 9421 or +44 (0)7876 402 544

Opening hours: Tuesday - Saturday: 10am-2pm; 3pm-6pm Aktis Gallery 10 Park Place, London SW1A 1LP, Tel. + 44 (0)207 629 6531