Out of Place

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Out of Place is a site-specific group show of photographs, collage, paintings and drawing about One Paved Court.  

1, Paved Court, has had a varied past, having served as a surgical appliance manufacturer, a bird shop and the backdrop to TV and film amongst other things. In 2017 this early Georgian building underwent a major renovation and began its newest incarnation as a contemporary art gallery, One Paved Court. 

Retaining a strong character of its own, the building never fails to provoke a reaction from both visitors and artists alike. With this in mind, 8 artists have each made work as a direct response to the space, whether to its location, its history, its current role or to the fabric of the building itself.  

Participating Artists: Simon Darbey, Hanna ten Doornkaat, Judith North, Kate Proudman, Robinson & McMahon, Paul Smith (image shown) and Charmaine Stimson