New Paintings by Henrietta Stuart

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“There is nothing more abstract than the visible world” - Giorgio Morandi

For this exhibition Henrietta has drawn from British landscapes, with the emphasis on the light of large open skies. Her paintings are a fusion of memory and sketches brought into the studio and are rarely site specific, although they are very much of a place. ‘I hope to trigger in the viewer the feeling of “deja vue”, a feeling that it is a place they remember – as I do, an exploration of both the visible landscape and the landscape of memory’.

Henrietta is primarily a landscape painter – but the focus behind her work is changing direction following a recent visit to the West Coast of Scotland, where the light was her starting point. The final images are made up of many layers of paint to create atmosphere. Soft glazes and thick impasto depict not only the layers of the landscape but the differing responses to atmosphere and light both seen and felt.