Mothering is not just a moment in time.
Mothering is ancestral, ambivalent, unstructural.
Mothering is all of us.

It is when motherhood becomes a ready-made mantle that mothers are turned into their own ghosts. Yet, when open to its full range of possibilities, mothering is a fertile ground, a plentiful soil from which a multiplication of ideas and actions can flourish, including meditations on and responses to issues of freedom, desire, heritage, interdependence, inequality, hope, care, power, planetary health, reproduction rights, and choice.

'Mothering' is a collective investigation into motherhood.


Private view:
02/07: 4 - 8pm

'The Birth of The Disco Ball', 2/07, 6pm: Laima Leyton in collaboration with Zara Truss Giles
'The Full Moon', 13/07, time TBC: Maria Konder
'Devote Your Attention', 27/07, 6pm: Sarah Kate Wilson

Lecture by Rose Davey
03/07: 2 pm
Rose Davey will give a lecture on seventeenth-century Italian painter
Artemisia Gentileschi, titled 'Artemisia Gentileschi: A Response'.