Monster's Ink - A Group Exhibition

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Monsters are typically figments of our imagination; large, ugly, and frightening. They can also appear in human form, often cruel, wicked and violent. We all have our own individual monsters, whether it lurks under our beds, in the manager's office at work or haunting our dreams.

For Monsters Ink, curators Chris Mackenzie and Benjamin Liebenhals have invited thirteen prominent artists to face their own worst nightmare and put ink to paper. Exploring the deepest, darkest recesses of their minds and their worst fears, the paper acts as a window into their own particular torment. The nature of the exhibition provides thirteen individual and unique works, offering the viewer an intimate and ominous glimpse at the artists’ personal monsters.

Curated by Chris Mackenzie & Benjamin Liebenhals and featuring the work of:

  • · Jack Binnie
  • · Jess Byrne
  • · Daniel Cree
  • · Lucas Dupuy
  • · Freddie Goodchild
  • · Ziggy Grudzinskas
  • · BRK 192
  • · Joseph P. Kelly
  • · Andrew Khosravani
  • · Alex McCullough
  • · O.TWO
  • · Chris Stead
  • · Jay Teasdale

A limited edition zine and original artwork will be for sale. Refreshments will be provided at the private view.