Monochrome: Interpretations in Clay by London Potters

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Bringing together the work of three London Potters members, Bridget Macklin, Desa Philippi, and Camilla Webb Carter. 

  • Desa Philippi makes wall sculptures inspired by the play of light and reflections of graffiti on Regent’s Canal in London. 
  • Camilla Webb Carter has created modular slip-cast wall installations where the marbled slip-cast surfaces form a contrast to the angular geometric shapes of the components.  
  • Bridget Macklin has made work using clays found in the local area: the Thames, Richmond Park, even from a building site. Coloured only by the minerals within the found material images on the interior of her vessels tells a little more of the story.  

Exhibition includes “In Conversation” on Saturday 27 April 2-4pm. The artists will be in the gallery to talk about their materials, processes and inspiration. All welcome.  

London Potters is a voluntary organization and registered charity formed in 1986 to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and experiences of all those involved with or interested in ceramics. All its members are united by the appreciation of ceramic art and a desire to communicate with fellow ceramic artists and collectors.