Marcus Cope - Silver Linings

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Oil painting depicting a surrealist scene of a memory by the artist Marcus Cope. The painting depicts a bedroom, there are curtains hanging in the background of a green patterned wallpapered wall. There is a bed in the foreground with multiple hands and legs wrestling with a mysterious object or animal.

PEER is pleased to present Silver Linings, a new series of paintings by artist Marcus Cope and his first solo exhibition in a public institution. Cope is a painter who takes messy memories and commits them to canvas. Included in his new exhibition is a series of his most recent large-scale paintings which reflect significant, often complicated moments in his life. The works in Silver Linings include imagery that move between surreal encounters Cope experienced while travelling, to domestic frustrations and the demands of parenthood, to fragments and recollections of the conflict and emotional violence of his own upbringing. In this new body of work, Cope focuses not just on his history and the people he has met but delves deeper into a level of personal speculation that is rarely shared so openly.

An essay by writer Martin Herbert will accompany the exhibition.