Map of the Mould

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No 20 Arts is delighted to present Map of the Mould, a solo exhibition by Javier Arce. Featuring works on paper,
installations and a video piece, Map of the Mould is the first solo show of the Spanish artist in the UK. The
exhibition is part of the ongoing collaboration established between Galeria Carles Taché and No 20 Arts based
on the common interest in promoting artists beyond their geographical contexts.

The phrase “Map of the Mould” comes from Arce’s reinterpretation of a verse in the poem Song for the rainy season
by American poet Elizabeth Bishop as she reflects on the house that her partner, Lota de Macedo, built for the
two of them in the Amazon rainforest. The emotional connection with the natural environment that exudes from
Bishop’s words is also the unifying thread in Javier Arce’s latest series of works.