With Love, From Nowhere

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With Love, From Nowhere

With Love, From Nowhere: The Places of Not Yet is a digital experience and collaboration between the artists in the cities of London and Riyadh. The exhibition collectively explores the environment both digital and physical through the lens of sculpture and architecture. Through meticulous documentation by means of drawing, sculpting, 3D scanning, mapping and audio recording the exhibition aims to offer the viewer with as much information as possible in order to discern these ‘Places of the Not Yet’. 

Inspired by utopic placemaking theory and the novel Invisible Cities by Italian writer Italo Calvino, the artists explore notions of the sublime. The same way that utopias in architecture exist best as a theoretical practice, the ‘Places of the Not Yet’ are never fully manifested into tangible spaces. Rather they only ever exist through the viewer’s interpretations of the various forms of the facsimiles created by both artists as representations of their own interpretations. 

Together the artists utilised their multidisciplinary skills to create a digital experience that is accessible to an international audience, embodying online, collective work demonstrating alternative ways of collaboration, allowing them to transcend borders both physically and metaphorically. 

The work was originally created for London-based The Arab British Centre’s: Making Marks programme and supported by the British Council.