Locked Room Scenario

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A group show in a warehouse in Hoxton. A number of artists, and a diverse range of work: sculptures, paintings, photographs, performance and video. You've made an appointment to see the show. When you arrive, the building is open but the exhibition appears to be closed. Or maybe the show is over, and the works are waiting to be taken away?

Offering fragmentary glimpses of an exhibition, inaccessible spaces, partially visible artworks, and leftover or discarded pieces of information, Locked Room Scenario prompts a number of questions. Who are these artists and what are their interconnected histories? What is Gander's role in bringing the exhibition together in this warehouse?

Locked Room Scenario invites the viewer to adopt a detective's mentality to piece together the available clues, scrutinise detail, and imagine what cannot be seen. An accumulation of evidence, encounters with objects, information and passers-by might precipitate an unnerving awareness of fact and fiction beginning to merge, a sense of the uncanny that may even pursue visitors as they leave.