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The exhibition explores new ideas about the meaning of drawing , challenging unconscious perceptions of form and space. Drawing has become a metaphor for experimentation and innovation that defies any strict definition. The aim of this exhibition is to provide new ideas about the meaning of drawing, challenging unconscious perceptions of form and space. It questions how boundaries of contemporary drawing are pushed and asks questions about transitions between 2D and 3D.

The artists in this show all have one thing in common, they draw lines and it only takes a moment to  recognise that lines are everywhere. How each artist presents the 'Line', offers a variety of interpretation.  This exhibition offers an insight into their everyday processes ranging from how they contemplate, make decisions, use their tools and reflect upon their practice. Some engage with the architecture of a particular space within the gallery, whilst for others, the works chosen for the exhibition are autonomous and self-contained. 

This is not a static exhibition, instead it will metamorphose during the course of the three weeks. Works will be added, replaced, previous ones removed and by the end of it will have transformed into a new exhibition.  What remains will be the idea of the ‘Line’ that connects the artists.

Events include:

Saturday 26 October: informal chat with the artists.

Saturday 2nd November: sound performance with guest artists Anna Bingham and Paul Freeman, sound artist and composer

Saturday 9th November: Poetry reading plus informal conversation with some of the exhibiting artists.