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Opening arebyte gallery 2015 program, artist Alisa Leimane, will create an immersive installation researching the construction of our online identities and try to challenge these ideas through a series of experiments, interviews and performances.

'Like Me Labs' is a live exhibition presented in a pseudo-casting agency's setting, looking to investigate the methods and ways in which our online identities and personas are constructed and manifested through online and social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Tinder, LinkedIn and others. The information age has opened up online and social media platforms where your identity can be altered and structured in new ways. The configuration of this alternate self depends heavily on how the users project themselves on these online arenas.  

 As part of the residency at arebyte, Leimane will subject her new identity to an over-exposure on the various dominant platforms and will experiment with the means of representation of the self in a contemporary relationship. Leimane will explore ideas of narcissism, exhibitionism and voyeurism and will subject herself to various experiments; made by herself and the audience.

Continuing a wide cross-disciplinary debate on the implications of digital technologies on our behaviours, practices and social activities, Leimane and her pseudo-identity will push the boundaries of virtual life and the computer-individual relationship, and will explore the physiological, psychological and moreover the social implications of our online activities.

The Project will invite the public to take an active part in the research through a series of meetings, interview and auditions.


Alisa Leimane is a Performance Artist, Theatre Maker, Larper, Spy and Community Researcher based in London. Her work challenges the artist's and audience relationship by creating ways for the audience to actively participate in the development of the piece. The work evolves from personal experiences and takes various forms from intimate one to one experiences, to pieces of invisible theatre in public spaces. As an artist Leimane is interested in blending personal life with the artistic practice.

Her previous work includes a one to one performance, 'Little Scream' (Lost Theatre, Lived Art Festival) where the audience was invited to share their opinions of motherhood whilst needing loaves of bread and 'Hide and Seek' (Dirty Deal Teatro, Latvia) a one of show about its audience's views on public, private and personal information.