Interstice: London Art fair and Four solo shows

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Interstice brings four artists meeting for the first time, all artists explore concepts that sit outside the parameters of normality often touching on a space of ‘in-between’; John Greenwood‘s ‘surrealist’ characters, Violet Finger’s hybrid identities, Chris Hawtin‘s fictitious worlds and Ian Dawson‘s sculptural installations point to a world of other dimensions, imagined universes, relief or alternative stimulation that remind us, but do not exist in the mundane physicality of earthly society. alternative interstice, whether this be a twisted view of what we have, another dimension of the same or an absolute unknown. Each Artist has a solo show at C&C Gallery see relevant pages for more information: Chris Hawtin: Gregor – Jan – Feb Ian Dawson: Miru Miru Mega Yokunara – Feb – March Violet Fingers: Dance elsewhere not on my eyepatch – March – April