Histories in Flux

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Archive II by Tim Kent
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JD Malat Gallery is excited to announce acclaimed New York based artist Tim Kent’s second solo show in London titled Histories in Flux. The exhibition will be on display on the ground floor of the gallery from the 2nd of May until the 1st of June along with an exclusive preview that will take place on the 1st of May from 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm at JD Malat Gallery.

Histories in Flux presents twelve psychologically charged compositions of estates and institutional spaces which harbour deeper narratives of human history and our struggle to address self-implemented power structures. Coalescing tradition with contemporary and subsequently distorting old Art Historical systems, Kent severs the previously appendaged roles of authority in art. Histories in Flux showcases artistic prowess, presenting compositions that exist on a liminal scale, conjuring phantasmic psychological atmospheres that actively criticise and unearth the hierarchical narratives of history.