Headless: Maya Weishof

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Maya Weishof is currently undertaking a residency at Kupfer in collaboration with Galeria Millan, Brazil. The resulting works from the residency will culminate in Maya's first solo UK exhibition, 'Headless,' opening 13th November.

About Maya Weishof

Maya Weishof’s practice is interested in expanding figurative visual possibilities in painting. She conceives of images through fragments, distortions, caricatures and hybrid creatures, often revealing bodies and landscapes that begin and end in one another. Drawing is at the core of Weishof’s work. Through her drawing she builds memories, myths and scenes that are in dialogue with images in art history, but also, with the history of images themselves. Her work seeks to escape linear ideas of narrative, and exalts the figurative being infinite and ever-morphing, capable of a multitude of meanings.

13 November - 18 December

Private View: 13th Nov - 3pm - 8pm

Kupfer, Unit 5, 31a Chatham Place, E9 6FJ, London