The Great Collaborator

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Angel ‘LA II’ Ortiz Curates ‘The Great Collaborator’ Featuring Fellow Street Art Legends STIK, Shepard Fairey, Mr.Doodle, and Mark Kostabi London, 22nd April, 2024 - D’Stassi Art will open the doors of their flagship gallery in Shoreditch, London for a major new Angel ‘LA II’ Ortiz exhibition. ‘The Great Collaborator’ opens on May 10th, 2024 and will bring together some of the most renowned names in street art; STIK, Shepard Fairey, Mr.Doodle, and Mark Kostabi, all working collaboratively with the legendary Angel ‘LA II’ Ortiz. ‘The Great Collaborator’ will also feature a series of rare collaboration artworks between Angel and the late Richard Hambleton, made before Hambleton’s death in 2017. ‘The Great Collaborator’ exhibition is set to be a truly unique experience, as these giants of Urban art come together for the first and only time. The featured artists are; Angel LA II Ortiz and STIK, Richard Hambleton, Shepard Fairey, Mr Doodle and Mark Kostabi collaborations with Angel. More than 30 artworks will be exhibited ranging from originals to prints and works on paper. 'The Great Collaborator' showcases Angel's significant contributions to the art world and his profound influence on other major artists. Angel rose to prominence in the New York art scene in the 1980’s through his almost decade-long partnership with Keith Haring. Haring spotted Angel’s tag shortly after moving to New York and sought out the then teenaged artist. After meeting, the pair combined their signature styles on paintings, sculptures and clothing taking them across the world. “When I do hang out and collaborate with artists, I make sure they're the best of the best.” Angel Ortiz D’Stassi Art is dedicated to honouring Angel’s artistic legacy and celebrating the magic he brings to collaborative works. Visitors to the exhibition will be able to witness first hand the impact LAII has had on the next generation of artists, and discover the inspiration behind his iconic style that has captivated audiences for over four decades. D’Stassi Art Directors Michael Howes and Edward Sanders explain: “‘The Great Collaborator’ exhibition will mark our most exciting exhibition to date. It is a privilege to be part of Angel’s incredible story and to have such respected and successful artists supporting Angel and the gallery. This feels like a significant milestone for D’Stassi Shoreditch. This exhibition will truly be a once in a lifetime opportunity to showcase a fraction of the incredible influence and inspiration Angel has shared with his peers over the last 40 years from tagging in the streets of lower east side with ‘TNS’ and SOE Angels best friend of 40+ years (who we will be flying over to DJ on the night). To see him creating new unseen collaborative works with legends like STIK and Shepard Fairey is a true sign of his long overdue renaissance and is a testament to Angel’s legacy amongst his peers.” “LA II has collaborated with so many great people over the years, and frequently he's seen as someone that's elevated by the people he's collaborating with, whether that's Keith Haring or Andy Warhol. But I think now his aesthetic is established enough that it's time for him to be looking to the younger generation to be the mentor for the next version of himself.” Shepard Fairey “I saw a picture of Angel outside of a long mural with a black background and neon fluorescent colours. It felt very alive. You could feel the energy of the lines talking to you, and I was really connected with that and I really enjoyed his work ever since; it makes me happy. It makes me smile. And that's what I want my work to be like: to make people smile and happy. And it's great to be working with him. Really great!” Mr Doodle “It's a revelation to collaborate with Angel. He has a natural magic touch. He understands visual power. It's instantly recognizable. It's full of energy. He's taken paintings of mine that I thought were finished, but something was lacking and he'll truly finish it. And then it's so much better than before. This idea of how artists naturally gravitate towards each other; They naturally collaborate and things evolve. They mutate. I think seeing that over the course of so many years is really exciting, and it should be like a living organism with some new blood.“ Mark Kostabi