The Grantchester Pottery: Artist Decorators

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The Grantchester Pottery are transforming the Fox Reading Room with a presentation of works made  collectively, including hand-made wallpaper, a woven pottery blanket, murals and screens alongside functional ceramic items including lamps, vases, paperweights, pots and cups.

Established in early 2011, The Grantchester Pottery is a decorative arts company set up by artists Phil Root & Giles Round. Drawing historical precedent from Roger Fry's Omega Workshops as well as other artists' decorative arts studios like the Rebel Arts Centre, Hammer Prints & Atelier Martine, The Grantchester Pottery produces a series of utilitarian ceramics ogether with other decorative household items such as printed and woven textiles, wallpaper, painted furniture and hand painted murals. The artists working within the Grantchester Pottery give up their individuality and authorship to create transformative works that slip between hands at various modes of production, keeping a fluid exchange of ideas and form. All works are unattributed and are signed with the simple embossing of the GP emblem. Previous collaborators include Michael Fullerton, Anne Low, Sophie von Hellermann, Maria Loboda, Dietmar Lutz and Sam Windett.