Gloom to Colours

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Camden Image Gallery is pleased to present Gloom to Colours, a solo exhibition by multi-disciplinary artist Pumpi Moore.

Moore brings to her first solo show a collection of abstract paintings, drawings and screen-printing.

Pumpi Moore was born in Karachi, Pakistan, an Islamic State. From an early age her refusal to follow Islamic teachings made her an outcast within a strict, non-plural, theocratic, socio-political environment. From early childhood, Moore felt suffocated by the oppressive patriarchal culture of Pakistani society. Her rejection, refusal and adherence to a strictly prescribed Muslim lifestyle, as expected by her parents, led to continual threats and eventual rejection. Moore’s struggle is experienced in her drawings and paintings. Her early drawings reflect the perceived helplessness of Asian women.

Many of Moore’s paintings relate closely to her autobiographical book ‘What if? A shocking true story’. Despite painful events, Moore’s works are sprinkled with elements of hope and wit. Her use of bold colours reflect vibrant aspects of Indo-Pakistani culture.

Moore’s work can be described as her autobiography written in a creative art context. Her drawings, pop-art and installations are reflective of social justice, oppression and humour.