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Sprovieri is delighted to present an exhibition of recent works by Giovanni Anselmo, Jannis Kounellis, Giuseppe Penone and Emilio Prini.

The selection of works brings together some of the most influential living artists of the Arte Povera, the Italian artistic movement that in the late 1960s explored art not only using ‘poor materials’ but also conceiving the image as a conscious action rather than a representation of ideas and concepts. Offering a contemporary transposition of their early subjects and practices, the exhibition reveals how these artists have continuously developed the energy and innovation of their poetics.

The work ‘Ultramarine Blue While It Appears Towards Overseas’ by Giovanni Anselmo - especially conceived for this exhibition - reflects the artist’s commitment to create a work which must be ‘the physification of the force behind an action, of the energy of a situation or event’. A deep and bright blue square made with acrylic painting will be outlined by the artist against the white wall of the gallery.

Jannis Kounellis contributes to the exhibition with a powerful triptych work: three large sculptures comprising of steel panels, iron beams and tar imprints of an ordinary man coat. The triptych translates the tension and alienation of our contemporary society where modernisation and industrial development are inevitably put in dialogue with our individual and traditional values.

Giuseppe Penone’s sculpture ‘Acero (Maple)’ 2005 is inspired by the search for an equal relationship between man and material. Intertwining man, nature and culture this work alludes to a deep time where everything - be it wood or a human body - is fluid and things coexist in a reciprocal action.

In ‘Da Fermacarte’ by Emilio Prini the process of photography is revealed: a photograph in the photograph illustrates the connection between organic - the artist’s body - and inorganic - the lead. Both these elements are subjected to the force of gravity.