General Practice: Yellow Belly

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YellowBelly is a group exhibition of contemporary artists, curated by Lincoln-based arts collective General Practice.

For their commission at 20-21 Visual Arts Centre, the group has invited artists from around the UK with ties to Lincolnshire to reflect on the term Yellowbelly – a slang word used to describe locals from the county.

Simultaneously a term of endearment for those who live in Lincolnshire and the Fens, and a derogatory term to describe people as cowards, Yellowbelly it is name full of contradictions. The origins of this term are unclear and there are many narratives and histories surrounding it.

Artists have explored the term and its connotations for the making of this exhibition. The results include storytelling, geography and location, identity and symbolism.

YellowBelly is a platform for emerging artists to engage with these ideas and each other through the making and installation of their work.

General Practice operates with an ethos of allowing individual artists to explore their practice within collective exhibitions, artworks and events, encouraging collaboration and conversation between artists. In this way the YellowBelly becomes one large installation with artworks constantly relating and responding to each other.